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"mktmedia signs Web TV production deal with Zodiak and Kamera

Swedish media company mktmedia has signed a Web TV production deal with Kamera and Zodiak, which sees both companies producing innovative TV content for the group’s forthcoming Web TV launch.
mktmedia, established in 2006, is an R&D company for 46 Swedish newspapers, with an aggregated reach of two million readers per day and one million unique online visitors per week. The agreed productions, which will target young users, are part of a major investment in Web TV.

’The idea behind this project is to enable the newspapers in the mktmedia group to enhance their content offering and to be more competitive. Currently, we have a successful cooperation with Kamera and now we are taking this to the next step by including Zodiak,’said Bosse Svensson, CEO of mktmedia.

He continued, ‘An important part of this roll-out is to create an attractive advertising package for Web TV. We know that the local newspapers have a superior relation to the local markets. Looking forward, we must extend these relations to new platforms, in order to be attractive to national advertisers.’

Dan Willstrand, Head of Sales at Kamera, welcomes this strategy, ‘This is an exiting project for several reasons. Not only will we be involved in creating a groundbreaking Web TV project from scratch together with one of Sweden’s most dynamic media groups, but also, we see a demand for the kind of Web TV advertising package mktmedia is about to launch.’

Oscar Höglund, CEO of Zodiak-subsidiary 5th Element, commented, ‘Our core competence is to develop, produce and tell entertaining stories for all screens. Doing this together with companies like mktmedia and Kamera is a fantastic opportunity. I believe mktmedia chose Zodiak because we have been producing high-quality entertainment TV programs for 25 years.’

The production contract will stretch over 2007-2008. Details about the upcoming productions are currently under wraps, but will be released in Q3."

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