Kamera: Nytt avtal!

"Kamera signs deal with Wirtualna in Poland

- online entertainment channel launches January 2007

Wirtualna Polska S.A., one of Poland’s largest internet portals, with over 8 million unique visitors per month, is the latest company to sign up for Kamera’s daily online entertainment news service.

The entertainment service, available for the first time in Polish, is to be launched by Wirtualna Polska in January 2007, along with three other online TV channels dedicated to business, news and adult entertainment.

Content on the entertainment news channel will include international feed from Kamera and local material produced by Wirtualna Polska.

This innovative online TV project, branded ‘WPtv’, allows users to access a variety of channels from the internet as “tv-schedule-like” or ‘on-demand’ versions.

Przemys³aw Kazanowski, Project Manager at Wirtualna Polska, explained: “At Wirtualna Polska, we’re always looking to add value to our service; by signing up for Kamera’s entertainment news service customers will be able to receive breaking local and international news from the glamorous world of movies, music, fashion and entertainment. We’re confident that the service will prove a big hit.’

Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera, added, “We’re delighted to have teamed up with Wirtualna Polska S.A. to deliver yet another version of the popular entertainment feed from Kamera. The growth of the Internet market in Poland is extremely dynamic, which makes this an important deal for Kamera.”

The popular Polish portal already offers a variety of services including: free e-mail services, e-commerce services (e.g. auctions); entertainment services (e.g. movies, music, games), community services (blogs, chats, instant messaging solutions, on-line dating), information and business services such as news, sport and media.

Kamera’s entertainment news service, produced in association with the world’s leading news agency Associated Press, is available in a variety of languages including Mandarin, English, Spanish, German and Russian, and is currently carried by over 25 mobile operators worldwide."
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