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“Kamera launches 3 Web TV channels for Hjemmet Mortensen

Mobile-and Web TV provider Kamera has signed a deal with the leading Norwegian magazine publisher Hjemmet Mortensen, which sees Kamera producing three web TV channels for the Scandinavian media company.
The first web TV channel to be green lit is ‘Vi Menn’
(www.vimenn.com), the number one men’s magazine in Norway, which launched on 1st September 2006.

“Vi Menn”is the leading Norwegian magazine for men, with a weekly circulation of 94,000 copies. Over the last few years its website has become increasingly important for both its readers and advertisers. Now, a blue-chip Web TV channel is added to the magazine’s offering, with daily entertainment news and in-house produced content.

“Television is no longer a one-way medium where only the major broadcasters control the means to push content into homes. In fact online video is really exploding. Vimenn.com has now adopted video to reach their audience. With the support from Kamera, a lot of the content is now developed to reach consumers in a multi-platform environment,” says Espen Agdestein, VP of HM Interaktiv.

The business model for Kamera’s Web TV offering is based on a unique charge-per-stream model, which allows publishers to launch and manage Web TV channels at very low risk. Both Kamera and the publisher have a vested interest in attracting users to the site, and online advertising rates are such, that the venture quickly becomes commercially viable and profitable for both parties.

“We’re proud to have Hjemmet Mortensen onboard as customers. So far we’ve delivered Web TV exclusively to news brands online. Co-operating with Norway’s finest magazine publisher is an important breakthrough for us in this sector”, says Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera.

In order to help publishers to launch Web TV, Kamera has designed a comprehensive package including video content, video player interface, hosting and advertising platform.

“We see a strong demand among online publishers for Web TV. Advertisers have finally realised that it provides a cost-efficient advertising opportunity. Our web TV package allows publishers to capitalize on this development with no time-lags,” says Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera.

Scandinavian mobile specialist Kamera, set up in 1998, is one of the leading players in mobile and online video content distribution. Its advanced technical platform, global approach to content delivery and production, and savvy marketing expertise make Kamera a major player in the new generation of media companies.

“Vi Menn” TV can be found at: www.vimenn.com”

Källa: http://www.kamera.com/

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