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“Digital Multimedia Broadcast channel U1 Media signs up Kamera’s entertainment news service WOW! TV
Mobile TV provider Kamera has signed a content deal with South Korean Wireless broadcaster U1 Media, which sees Kamera delivering its entertainment news service WOW! TV to the newly-launched channel.

This marks Kamera’s first deal with a Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) channel and demonstrates its commitment to the fast-growing Asian market.

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (DMB) is a technology allowing people to consume rich media not only in their mobile phones, but also in DMB-equipped devices such as notebook PCs, TVs, in-car equipment and other consumer electronics being rolled out in Korea.

“We are very excited about this deal with U1 Media, which is Kamera’s first with a DMB broadcaster,” commented Henrik Eklund, CEO of Kamera. “WOW! TV delivers a wealth of international stories from the glamorous world of music, movies and fashion, as well as providing the latest celebrity gossip. We have now licensed the service to over 20 operators and we are confident that it will be a major hit for U1 Media.”

Terrestrial DMB commenced in Korea in December 2005 and U1 Media is one of the six DMB service providers which launched a channel. Out of their 24 daily hours of programming, more than 50 per cent will focus on entertainment.

“U1 Media is the most active player among the 6 T-DMB broadcasters in Korea now. Since young and educated, early-adopters and trend leaders are among our major target audiences, Kamera’s content is very attractive to our viewers. Such content not only adds more colour and flavour to our program line-ups, but also creates an ubiquitous environment for our viewers”, explained Soon- Yong Cho, president and CEO of U1 Media.

Over the last 12 months, Kamera has signed 20 mobile distribution deals for its dedicated entertainment service, which has proved a major hit amongst users. WOW! TV is now available in a host of territories including Sweden, Denmark, The Baltics, Austria, South Africa, Brazil and Singapore.”
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